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HanzConvert is a utility to convert Chinese text files between UTF-8, GB18030 and BIG-5 encodings. It can detect encoding of input files automatically, and it's also support simplified or traditional output characters with output encodings of UTF-8 and GB18030. The simplified and traditional characters converting algorithm is based on words rather than characters, so it's more accurate.-----------------...


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Speed up your Mac with a single click to free up runtime memory. FreeMan is also a memory monitor which shows memory status with a pie chart, it can free up memory automatically if inactive memory reaches at the preset threshold.


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The Chinese & Japanese calendar on your menu bar.Features:• Display date and time on the menu bar.• One click to bring up month calendar.• Switch years and months easily.• Year range from 1901 to 2100.• Mark holidays with red color.• Set Sunday or Monday as the first day of a week.• Support regions of Mainland China, Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan & Japan.Visit http://www.galaworks.com to get...