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*** The app is free now and advanced features are unlocked. If you like the app please consider to purchase our other apps. ***Suppose you want to calculate something quickly: a sales tax amount, a profit, a costs, etc. Just run Expresso, a handy little text editor with calculation capabilities. Type your expression, press Enter, get result and assign it to a variable if you want. Then re-use variables...


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Have you been looking for a dictionary, that can translate any word from any language, for a long time?Congratulations! You have just found it!We are happy to present TranslateIt!TranslateIt! is the multilingual dictionary that allows you to look up words on the fly!Just hover the pointer over an unfamiliar word in any Cocoa Application, and you will see its translation in a pop-up window instantly.See...


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Binocular is a customizable tool for automated monitoring and logging. It makes you able of tracking certain events that happen on your Mac and notifies you about them.Binocular uses light semitransparent widgets to accomplish its tasks. They are placed on the desktop where they are always noticeable and easily accessible.Binocular is extensible. If it does not have means to solve your problem now,...


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Transliteration is a transliteration tool. It uses simple rules to replace characters of one alphabet with characters of another. Russian-Latin, Serbian-Latin, Hebrew-Latin, Ladino-Hebrew, Greek-Latin and Julius Caesar rules are included. PLIST-files with simple syntax allow defining your own rules. Just e-mail us your PLISTs, and we'll include them in future versions of Transliteration.


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★ ★ ★ Promo: Free until June 25 only! ★ ★ ★Repeater is a tool specially designed for recording and playback user actions such as mouse movements and clicks, standard and hardware keystrokes, vertical and horizontal scrolling & zooming. It is also capable of storing information about currently running applications to launch them on playback. Repeater's UI resembles a music player with standard...