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ScreenCapture is a useful handy App for capturing screen. It supports capturing screen,window and selection. You can save the take picture to file or to clipboard. You even can set whether capturing cursor and the attached windows. It is easy to use.


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ScreenRecord is designed for screen recording. It can capture the activities on the screen and save them as movie files. You can set different movie resolutions. It is very useful for product presentation.


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DiscBurner is a professional disc burner. It supports burning disc image files and folders and files as data backup. The main features as following:1. Supports disc image burning: dmg,iso,cue,toc2. Supports data burning: folders and files3. Auto find burning devices;4. Supports verifying after burning;5. Supports all kinds of CDs and DVDs (The capability depends on your burning device)6. You can specify...

Lovely FTP

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LovelyFTP is a simple FTP client. It has a cute UI and simple settings, implements the FTP basic necessary functions. LovelyFTP has the following advantage functions:▪Simple Setting▪Passive Mode▪Authentication▪Proxy▪Upload▪Download▪Create Directory▪Delete File/Directory▪Reload▪Previous Directory

United Password

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UnitedPassword is a useful application that manages your passwords. The frequent categories have been built in: Email,Website,Bank Card,Lock etc.UnitedPassword is a multi-user application, and there is no limitation for users number,which means all the members of your family can use UnitedPassword respectively.UnitedPassword has been localized into 21 languages: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish,...

SQLite Client

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SQLiteClient is a handy utility for developers with SQLite database. As for SQLite is an embed database shipped with Mac and iPad/iPhone/iPod, developers only can access them with codes,sometimes it is not convenient to debug applications. SQLiteClient can open any SQLite database file for you to check:•Tables in the database file•Tables Structures•Records of TablesRe: This edition is readonly...