Are You Stupider Than Darth Vader?

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A Trivia based game on a villian in that famous movie that takes place in space that is very far away from where we are( hint it involves stars and wars.) Sample Questions: 1. At the father/daughter picnic, do you... A. Turn a planet into a sand bowl where it's being held because you're a lousy dancer and then you won't have to go. B. Bring dark meat. C. Pick up the tab, because you're the richest...

Video Effects (Lite)

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ver 46 visual effects. Turn any video or picture in to a video work of art. Effects include Ascii Art, Film Stock, Mirror, Pixellate, Pinch, Tracer, and many more. Also work with your built in camera. Just drag the video clip onto the view, select effect and save. It's that easy. Perfect for adding special effects to video and uploading it to your favorite social network.

Photo Effects (Lite)

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WANT OVER 400 EFFECTS, CHECK OUT: 60 visual effects. Easy to use. Just drag and drop your photo and select the effect. It's the perfect companion program for iPhoto and PhotoShop. Or, for adding special effects to your pictures before you uploading them to the your favorite social network site.


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FREE IN HONOR OF MOTHER'S DAYThey say a picture is worth a thousand words. Blend your image with one of 64 backgrounds, select one over 20 love message. And you can make someone feel special...