More Memory

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Have a slow Mac? Don't want to take the time to restart? More Memory can help!More Memory clears the inactive RAM on your computer, allowing you to have more open applications, and get things done faster! More Memory takes only about 5 seconds to refresh your memory. Have up to 2 more GB of free RAM in seconds!Great for:- Final Cut Users- Gamers- Photoshop Users- Developers- Everyone that uses a Mac!If...


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****Free Until The Release of Scrawl 2****Scrawl is the world's simplest and most easy-to-use note taking application ever. It is always sitting in the menu bar for easy access whenever you need it, and it syncs your notes across all of your Macs with iCloud.iCloud SupportScrawl has been designed for iCloud so that it will save and sync your notes across all of your Macs. For example: if you add a...


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Move windows quickly and effectively with MoveWin! Just type the command key in your keyboard for the current active window to move, wherever you want it!Move windows to the left, right, bottom, top, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, the fullscreen, or center of your monitor/screen, all with a simple keyboard shortcut.


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SimpleRSS is a beautiful RSS reader application designed & enhanced for OS X Lion. SimpleRSS takes RSS simply, has basic Google Reader support, and manages it with a wonderful destraction-free built-in sidebar.Features:- Uses 64-bit for the greatest speed.- Has a beautiful destraction-free sidebar to manage articles.- Choose to prioritize certain RSS feeds or to have them appear only when there is...

Webchen - Speed The Web

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Enhanced for OS X Lion!FastWeb is one of the fastest web browsers for the Mac. It has been stripped down for the greatest speed possible, but it still uses some revolutionary features. Here are just a few of the features: - Gestures (Lion only) - Low CPU Usage - Fast Launching of App - Fast Web Browsing - Fullscreen-Mode (Lion only) - Powerful Status Bar - Instant Search built-in.

Search Twitter

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**BACK TO SCHOOL SALE!**Please leave a glowing review! Don't forget to check out iConvert!Search Twitter is an easy-to-use search tool for OS X. What to look up if anyone else is having problems downloading OS X Lion? Or if your friend just got promoted? You can do all of that in a instant with Search Twitter!Search Twitter works well with OS X Lion!


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Works Great Under OS X Lion!With iWrite, you can add notes to your iDevice in the blink of an eye. Create quick little notes that remind you of a meeting, a date with a girlfriend, and much more.Works with any iPod that supports disk use and has it enabled.

Piles of Pictures

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FREE FOR TODAY ONLY!Piles of Pictures is a unique application that allows you to use the photos in your iPhoto library to create amazing posters. Select an album and then Piles of Pictures will randomly place your photos onto your poster. After you create and save your poster you can add text to it via Preview (optional). Then you can print your poster! Portions of this code (the script to connect...