Movie School

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iMOVIE TUTORIALS FOR BEGINNERS!Do you want to learn how to use iMovie to make your own home videos or even fancy productions, but are just getting started and not sure what to do? If so Movie School is the app for you. In easy to follow video and book lessons you'll learn the basics of creating new videos using iMovie and you'll be on your way to producing your own movies in no time. Here is some of...

Dynasty Snake

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***Featured by SOFTPEDIA*** ***"100% CLEAN" Softpedia award*** ++++++++++++++++++++++++Dynasty Snake is newly designed and developed snake controlling game. It innovated the rules of gaming and created a lot of new features!Now, with this game, you could play with COM controlled snake! Please download and spread it with your words, compete and challenge your friends! Have fun!+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The...

kid math race ma

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Playing a racing car game 15 min daily, you will be surprised that you have been improved in Math. Changed from boring ordinary math game for fun with a racing game. Speed up your car racing with animals, and there will be lots of tricks to get you slowing down like rain, rock, and more! on the last level you will race with another car. (hand drawn by kids). You will always be surprised what will come...

Garage Inc.

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- Slide To Play "4/4" !!!- AppRecap "9/10" !!!- 148Apps "4/5" !!!- "4/5" !!!Chicago 1920s. Prohibition. The Golden Age of American mobsters. Angelo Marito is a recent immigrant trying to make it in the windy city. With a loan from cousin Sal, Angelo opens up an auto garage and starts working on his American dream... Garage Inc. is a casual time management game that throws the player into...

Fall Fall Fall

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Roll your way down while having an amazing time in Fall Fall Fall!!

match me animal ma

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Playing "Match me animal" game, you can practice memory with cute animals. The game has 3 different sections, easy, medium, and hard. Easy level has pictures matching with pictures. Medium level has words matching with words. Hard level has words matching pictures. This application helps improving memory skills for remembering pictures, words, and the connections together. It also helps your kids to...


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First of all what does Kuvio mean? It is finish and means pattern. So this very minimalistic and well designed game is about different pattern you have to select with your fingers and rebuild a random generated figure. Sounds easy? It is not so easy you have different levels you start as a greenhorn and can grow up to a veteran if you are good enough. Or you can try different game modes like the OneTime...

Facebox Pro for Facebook

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The best Facebook client on your menu bar!- Check friends' updates with one click.- CHAT WITH YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS!!!Tip: Click the "News Feed" tab to switch to the "Live Feed" (and vice-versa). This will show all recent items.


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✭ Most Downloaded App in Education (March '11)Free for limited timeFlashBox is the simple, proven way to study on your Mac using virtual flash cards. Make, study, and share. All with one app. ✓ Built for Speed: A soft and simple user interface keeps you focused on the task at hand, while keyboard shortcuts allow you to swiftly create/edit/view collections of notecards. Use the + and - keys to...

count n click

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Playing "Count n click" daily, you can prepare your little child for preschool any time and anywhere you want. Good for parents and teacher who have kids in kindergarten, preschool, and toddler age. This application help improving a speaking skill, reading, and also counting skill naturally. Cute animal randomly shown with 30 levels. It also helps kids to recognize each different kind of animal better...

bouncing ball MA

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Get ready to fight for upper level of a new puzzle game, you will be excited to win over our highest level. You may need some physic and planning skill step-by-step. Each ball has a different size and a different bouncing distance. All pictures and concepts were created by kids from Year 4 and Year 7. Have fun!How to Play?Try to keep three balls on the orange bar by removing the other color bar that...

Greedy Egg

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Mr. Egg is greedy sometimes, one day he came across a golden farm with a lot of golden coins. He was so excited and began to collect coins as many as possible.But life is always not that easy as he expected. He must stay away from bombs, flying enemies and meanwhile take care of the cloud. Anyway, something else could help him to collect coins and even make him become super Mr. Egg……*******************>>The...

Funny Reader

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Fascinate your family and friends, and make them laugh with Funny Reader. Funny Reader is a simple to use speech synthesizer. Type in any text you want and Funny Reader will read it for you. Choose from more than 20 different voices including Bells, Boing, Bubbles, Deranged, Pipe Organ, Princess and from many different speech rates.


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DVDPop offers an easy and intuitive way to convert your DVDs* on your iPod, iPhone, AppleTV or Mac by converting them to an Apple device friendly format.• Easy to as 1-2-3: Launch DVDPop, insert a DVD and select which title you want to export to mp4 videos.• iTunes integration: Converted titles can automatically be to iTunes• User guide: Detailed instructions in a small and sharp one page manual...

JSTalk Editor

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JSTalk is a scripting language built on top of JavaScript. You can use it to automate applications on your Mac, or even write custom plugins for apps which support JSTalk