Bubble Explode

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FREE for limited time only!Now with awesome new feature: Mac window background TRANSPARENCY. Check out the screenshots!Bubble Explode had been Top 1 iPhone app in UK, Canada, Netherlands, Russia and has been in Top 5 apps in USA, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and many other countries! Finally Bubble Explode is on your Mac! And now even better than before - the awesome new feature - is window...

HelTweetica for Mac Twitter

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A clean and modern take on the Twitter client app. Read, fave, retweet, @-reply, and direct message tweets. Retweet in both the old style and the new style. Use multiple Twitter accounts. Read tweets from your lists and list subscriptions. Search twitter, save your searches, and reload saved searches. Open a User Page to see someone's latest tweets and favorites. Tap on the tweet's time or reply-to...


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PICrouter is the communication auxiliary software for PICnome64/128 v1.0, v1.1 and PICratchBox 4ep.The main functions are to intercommunicate between USB-Serial and Open Sound Control(or MIDI).

Gaze HD Fireplaces and More

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FREE FOR A COUPLE MORE WEEKS ONLY! Get it for zip while you can! Eleven HD scenes! Gaze HD Fireplaces brings FIVE great HD 1080 fireplaces to your Mac. and SIX more scenes of natural tranquility for meditation, contemplation or to add a little natural beauty to your workplace. Two candle scenes, two waterfalls, and a beautiful lake, each with custom soundscape. Plus bonus Beach in 1.1! ...

Escape To Paradise Light

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Travel to the wonderful tropical island of Pure Paradise. Face the challenges of classic game on the perfect beaches in the never-ending sunshine. At last puzzle levels are really interesting!

Antair Sudoku

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Designed from the ground-up to be a sublime Sudoku experience, Antair Sudoku puzzles are displayed in a beautiful theme, and accompanied by a great ambient soundtrack.With 1000 Sudoku puzzles, multiple difficulty levels, intuitive controls, and a dash of convenience features like Hint, Undo, and Notes, Antair Sudoku is sure to be one of the best Sudoku games you've ever played.


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EasyPivot is the simplest and smartest way to pivot your display!Forget about going through the System Preferences and choosing the right orientation for your monitor when all you want is to tilt your screen. Just a single click away, straight from the Menu Bar.Available keyboard shortcuts:⌃⌥⌘H - restore Landscape mode on all displays⌃⌥⌘P - open EasyPivot menuNow free! EasyPivot may not...

Joe Versus

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Joe Versus is a unique 3D action puzzler! Joe and his crew have been taken hostage by a highly intelligent alien. The alien challenges the crew to a game of wits to save the galaxy from total destruction! Navigate your character though a fast paced onslaught of rotating tetrahedrons. Solve each oncoming puzzle quickly before you are smashed or before too many tetrahedrons pass you by! Quick reflexes...


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5 book of redblueBook1 - MEET red & BlueThis is the first story/comic that we wrote. it is about 2 characters, called red and blue. They had done lots of cool things. but firstly, this is the introduction book for you!Book2 - Test timeThis is the Second story/comic that we wrote. it is about 2 characters, called red and blue. They had done a cool thing simulated from my school. But for today, they...

Meow Match

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Free for a Limited Time! Cheerful, multicolored kittens love delicious sausages :)Kittens always jump with joy, when you have correctly turned pair cards.This game features great graphics as well as loads of fun sound effects, animated card-flipping and fireworks. Meow Match provides hours of fun :)The perfect fun game for you and your family!

Photo Effects (Lite)

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WANT OVER 400 EFFECTS, CHECK OUT:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photo-effects/id412285846?mt=12Over 60 visual effects. Easy to use. Just drag and drop your photo and select the effect. It's the perfect companion program for iPhoto and PhotoShop. Or, for adding special effects to your pictures before you uploading them to the your favorite social network site.


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SimpleClipboard is an simple clipboard manager. It keeps a history of everything you copy to the clipboard for any application so you can conveniently paste any clipping.

Email Archiver

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Your email is valuable. Use Email Archiver to create a searchable PDF based archive of all your emails, or just a few folders. FREE for this week ONLY!How it works.There is now a manual posted on the Email Archiver page at our web site. Email Archiver works with Apple's Mail for OS X, storing your emails as PDFs. It makes them compatible anywhere you can open up a PDF, not just with Mail. Emails are...

Pocket Dinosaurs 2

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FREE to promote our other nice games, if you want to play it all the time, just get iphone&ipad version of Pocket Dinosaurs 2Pocket Dinosaurs is back! This time, dinosaurs find a new better way to the universe – The ultimate space ship. The only thing we need to do is help dinosaurs get into space ship. Use the slingshot, Aim then launch! Let's see how many dinos will be shot into space ship in 60...

Learn to make Mobile apps

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** Free for a limited time only! Learn to make iPhone apps quickly with this concise app that teaches you all the essentials about iPhone programming step by step. Written for people who are beginners. Brings you up to speed with introductory videos on getting your first app running. Learn to make iPhone app zooms in on the most essential concepts with EXAMPLES! Attempt interactive quizzes to strengthen...