Phone App

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Call from your Mac via your iPhone with the phone still in your pocket. Just type any phone number you want to call and press enter, or start typing one of your contacts name and it will instant search and show top 3 match.Runs directly from your toolbar with a less-is-more interface. Phone App makes calling via FaceTime easier than ever before.If you like the app there is some goodies inside for in...

imED - simaple encrypt and decrypt tool

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imED is a simaple encrypt and decrypt some cipher algorithms:1.AES2.DES, Triple DES3.Rabbit4.RC4, RC4Drop


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Do your web pages load as quickly as they could? It could be down to a third-party plugin or code, or an unnecessarily large image. These will be easy to spot with ReActivity.A slow page is bad news for your search engine optimisation (SEO) as well as your visitor experience. - Test your page's load speed and size - See a breakdown of each element with response time, load time and file size - includes...


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A measuring tool with an original way to measure routes, shapes, areas, anything that you can see on your screen. - Simply draw your line with mouse clicks on a nearly-transparent window over your map, chart or diagram, set Meander's scale against a known distance and read off the answers. - A selection of units included, eg miles, kilometers, metres, feet, inches. Add any further units you like -...

Instastack for Instagram

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••• SPECIAL OFFER:$4.99—>FREEE TO celebrate the chinese new year •••Instagram Mac desktop client.The most elegant way to browse Instagram on the Mac.MenuBar PanelInstaStack is a new tool to help you to discover Instagram social media network. if you want to connect your instagram account from menubar on your mac , InstaStack is your tool.Browse Photo FeedsBrowse your Instagram feed, photos...

Enpass Password Manager

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◆ NO SUBSCRIPTION CHARGES OR SIGN-UP REQUIRED◆ AVAILABLE FOR ALL MAJOR DESKTOP AND SMARTPHONE PLATFORMS◆ FULL FEATURED DESKTOP VERSION IS FREE FOR MAC AND OTHERS◆ IMPORT DATA FROM OTHER SOFTWARES WITH DESKTOP VERSIONRead more at you fed up of:- remembering all life-important credentials and passwords? - forgetting ATM pins or ID numbers at hour of need?- using costly...


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ControlAir provides magical touch free control over media applications on your Mac, such as iTunes, Spotify and others. Just raise your finger in the air to control volume, skip songs and pause. A finger raised to your lips will mute the sound.ControlAir is a great way to control your media applications touch-free, not only when they are in front of you, but also when they are in the background, while...


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Ambie helps you create the perfect ambience for your customers, playing a music soundtrack that's handpicked for your space. Our curators will design you a collection of music channels to suit all your moods and trading patterns. You can save time by scheduling channels throughout the week using our Music Calendar and we'll send you new music every week to keep your channels fresh and up-to-date. **A...


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With its innovative and minimal interface, Outcome provides a new calculator application usage experience. With none of the traditional buttons found on calculators, it is easy and enjoyable to use. Rather than being faced with an array of buttons replicating the keys on a keyboard, users have an interface with which to interact with the numbers.Scrolling the number view displays the sum, the previous...

Brain Guzzler

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Guzzle brains and keep the zombie conga alive! Brain Guzzler is an action packed classic where you take control of the zombie outbreak. Gobble up humans and add them to your Zombie chain, but remember don’t eat yourself, zombies taste bad! Keen reflexes are your best weapon to avoid obstacles and catch those delicious human morsels. Avoid walls, dodge mines and battle bosses to unlock new towns and...

Lessons for iMovie

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Lessons for iMovie will teach you how to edit your movies and share them using Apple’s iMovie. • Start learning with 8 free lessons• Ability to unlock each lesson individually• If you like what you see, unlock all the lessons at onceWith Lessons for iMovie, you'll learn how to:• Import video and photos from a camera• Organize, browse, and favorite clips• Combine videos and photos to create...


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Keep your focus and save your wrist by bringing your app’s menus with you!--- Top Productivity Paid #5 Worldwide --- ---Now Ready for Yosemite!---Whether you have large monitor or multiple monitors, having to lookup and reach over to get to an app’s menu is pain. You lose your place and the repeated motion is hard on your wrist.MenuMate puts your app’s menus were you need them - at your...


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Pushbullet saves you time by moving your notifications, links, and files wherever you go.* See all of your notifications from your phone while working on your Mac.Instead of constantly grabbing your phone, see and dismiss your notifications right from your Mac. All you need is the Pushbullet iOS app.* Seamless copy & paste between your devices.Copy something on one, then just paste it on the other....

Happy Herd: Pirate Adventure

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Comes to you a joyful and funny game that will make you fully enjoy and engage addictively.

Dive into this refreshing and exciting adventure where this nice herd of friends will take you across the sea, jungle and desert.

Your mission: Rescue your friends from the hands of the evil pirates who want to take over your treasures. For that, you must eliminate all the...

Stocks Menu

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Stocks Menu allows you to access Stocks Data right from your Mac's Menu Bar.We only support stocks from the NYSE and the NASDAQIf you have any issue contact us at: contact@stocksmenu.comYou add the Stocks Symbol right from Menu. Data Provided:Latest QuoteOpenHighLowMarket CapCharts Provided:1 Day5 Days1 Month6 Months1 Year5 Years