Sales Tax Pro

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Sales Tax Pro allows the user to add or subtract sales tax from an entered price/amount and displays the corresponding 'Gross', 'Net' and 'Tax' amounts accordingly.Key features:*Customizable tax rate - (Anywhere from 0% to 100%)*Single click copying of results to clipboard*Can work out pre or post tax values and provides a simple breakdown of results

Chronicle Mini

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Never miss a bill payment! View your upcoming bills, make payments and log them right from your menu bar!Chronicle Mini works great by itself, or it can be used with Chronicle for an even more amazing experience.Chronicle Mini can:• Add your bills to iCal automatically.• Take you to websites to pay your bills instantly.• When you log a payment, the due date is automatically updated!• Show you...

Balance Forecasting

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Have you found yourself often asking the questions “What will my bank balance look like in 3 months if I increase my credit card payment by X dollars? Can I afford to buy a new set of headphones in 3 months?” I was always having issues with those types of questions. Furthermore, I felt very disorganized, because I have around 15 monthly bills, each due on a different date. That’s how my app was...