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Tesuji Collection Of Go is a software specifically developed to help the beginners to learn all kinds of tesuji. The software includes 5333 tesuji exercises which are very helpful for you to improve your go skill.You can do all practice learning a lot of new tesuji.Tesuji exercises include:Jin Jiang's Tesuji ExercisesTom's Tesuji ExercisesKensaku Segoe's Tesuji ExercisesLee Chang-Ho's...


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Simple app for reading web comics. Just what you need for reading your favourite web comics. Reading, mark your favorites. Fast and easy way to catch up with comics you missed. Busy week and you missed your favourite comics? No problem, WebComicsReader gets them all! Only what you need for reading your comics – reading, mark your favorites, read them offline. Fast and easy way to catch up with comics...


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Never miss a concert again!Ontour scans the artists in your iTunes library and tells you which of them are coming to your area.It also gives you easy links to venue maps and ticket purchases (if available).Want to see ALL the artists coming to your area? Ontour will show you that too."Simple. Effective. Fast." - Mac360.com"Seriously awesome" - Shelby V., Seattle WA

Car Disassembly 3D

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In 'Car Disassembly 3D' user has chance to disassemble and reassemble real functional car 3D model.Check video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDYE3ilO0OAIn Demo Mode user learns to disassemble car model.Disassembly, Assembly Modes - user takes apart manually 3D model.Operation Mode - user has a possibility to customize 3D model (change windshield, side glasses, roof, 4 types of hull color, sport wheels...


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Getting a little bored with your email? Brighten up your day with Varietas, a status bar application that keeps your email experience fresh day after day.Once your email accounts have been configured in the app, Varietas will play a random notification sound from your selected folder for each new message received. Keep a collection of amusing sounds and get a laugh when new email arrives.* Completely...

My PaintBrush

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My PaintBrush is a funky and amusing multilayer paint and drawing application. Use inspiring tools and brushes to create and save smooth images to your Mac.My PaintBrush features highlights:

✓ Build up and manage multiple layers: 
•  Merge or combine layers. 
•  Set the alpha value of individual layer. 
•  Customize the layer to be visible or not.
 •  Freely Change...

Paris Girls Clock

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Bonjour! Paris Girls Clock takes you to Paris to meet a new girl every minute of the day!Known as the "Capital of Romance", Paris girls are famous for their beautiful faces, and elegance. With Paris Girls Clock, you will see a different beauty from Paris when the clock moves. Those system clocks or other "normal" clock apps are so outdated, compared to the young Paris girls holding a time sign for...

Textify Me

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GET READY TO BE TEXTIFIED[Sorry, for OSX 10.6 & 10.7 only. Not compatible with OSX 10.8 ... we are working on it.]This interactive screen saver turns everything in front of your camera into text!FEATURES- Adjust text color, size and contrast- Glow effect & falling text particles- Save as screen saver- Save as iChat effects- Multi screen support- Core Image based for fast video processingREQUIREMENTS...


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** Note: Some users have reported ShuffleApp crashing under OS X 10.8 , this is being looked into, and a fix will be released as soon as possible. **ShuffleApp helps you rediscover your apps. We've purchased and accumulated a ton of applications on our Macs. So many in fact that we've forgotten what most of them even do. It's time to re-explore our apps! Launch ShuffleApp and it will choose randomly...


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Pixspred is a particle creator and with it's help you can create your own particle effects and let them move to wonderful music from Erik Ekholm. You can change any setting of a particle and save it to watch it over and over again. It will fascinate you and you won't stop watch your creations. Visit us on pixspred.fantasyhaze.com to get more impressions and information.- Over 60 unique particle effects...

Fireworks HD

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FREE for 2 days until midnight Friday, Aug 3rd! Hit #2 in US Top Paid Entertainment.Fireworks HD brings you the most beautiful and realistic fireworks ever brought to the desktop with brilliant HD video. You will be surprised and delighted with a new sequence for every show. Fireworks HD works as an app or can be installed as a screensaver. A shockingly great soundtrack of fireworks sound effects...


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FREE for 24 hours until midnight Saturday, July 21. Enjoy!Tempest! Art of Nature brings you shockingly beautiful lightning video from around the world. Tempest! is great for those who don’t want a CPU hungry screensaver running all the time but instead appreciate a gentle artistic reminder from time to time that the machine is still awake. Tempest! runs cool because your CPU rests between lightning...


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FractalTrek is an app for exploring the world of Mandelbrot FractalSpace using a futuristic TNG GUI. It lets you create amazingly beautiful, shallow-depth, quasi-3D fractals using the SAM (Stripe Average Method) gradient coloring.The first time the app is launched, the user guide is shown. On subsequent launches, the main fractal panel is always shown first. To show the main fractal panel from the...

Talk To Me

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A simple, enjoyable app that will automatically talk back whatever you write, in a voice of your choosing.This was written to play with my young daughter who delighted in being able to have a conversation with the computer (with Mommy's help). It's now a friend.Equally fun for messing around with friends, phone pranks, etcEither use the suggested sentence starters, pick a quote, or write your own text,...

Heart Bubbles

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❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ FREE just for today ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Add Floating Heart Bubbles to your screen ❤Add life to your Desktop instead of the boring static wallpaper✔ It's real not a screensaver !✔ Enjoy Popping the bubbles with your mouse!✔ Control where your bubbles floating: 3 different layers:Floating in Desktop only , Between your windows or Over all your windows✔ Floating...