MolWeightCalcFX - molecular mass calculator

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MolWeightCalcFX is an easy-to-use molecular mass calculator covering almost all common elements in the periodic table. Perfect for high-school and third-level Chemistry students.Formulae can be entered in the usual written form, for example:H2O, C2H6, CH3COOHIncludes the full periodic table.Direct on-screen copy and paste enables reliably inserting calculated weights into other applications.

Leica Acquire

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Leica Acquire is a software environment which allows the acquisition, analysis and processing of high quality digital images using Leica cameras and stereo-microscopes on an Apple Mac.Leica Acquire comes with the latest Leica educational cameras and stereo-microscopes (with integral digital camera), and provides the basic software for the camera configuration and control, as well as image acquisition.Captured...

Brain AX

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This application contains intelligence questions for Pattern Recognition Skills and mathematical questions .

KidsHero ABC

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KidsHero ABC is an all new learning tool for your kids. It teaches your little ones about Alphabets in a very unique and interesting way. It has a very simple design, so that kids can jump through different sections, by themselves. There are different types of easy quizzes regarding Alphabets. This app will also give them an overview of various types of shapes, colors and day to day objects which are...


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FlatMol a molecule drawing tool for the educator or student Simple and flat, chemical structures made with this program are designed to be compatible with a paper surface rather than to compete with 3D models.Tips: Help Topics are accessible from the MenuUndo is available (command Z) ["Edit" Menu]Viewing styles may be changed ["View" Menu]Molecules may be Rotated ["Edit" Menu] Any atom may be drawn...

3D Sketch and Stretch Studio

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What would you build if given an endless supply of blocks of every shape, size and color? Croco Studio’s latest creation offers a 3D design space full of cubes, spheres, domes, pyramids and more ready to be stretched, smashed and stacked into whatever suits your fancy. The rounded dome of a grand church can be flattened into a saucer for the hull of a spaceship. A soup can shaped cylinder, when pulled,...

Grade Calculator

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*** THE GRADE CALCULATOR - FROM TEACHERS FOR TEACHERS *** ** FREE for a limited time! **You don’t need a complicated program to calculate your grade? You just want enter the grades of your teacher calendar and see the total grade? You don’t need complicated management opportunity? Then you need the grade calculator! You simply create a student, add the teaching subject and give it a grade. Thats...

KIDpedia Alphabet (English, Spanish, French + German)

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FREE during Independence DayHave a happy 4th everyone!Used frequently in educational institutions, KIDpedia is now available on the Mac App Store!========================EVERYONE LOVES KIDPEDIAEveryone, but especially young children, preschoolers, toddlers and babies will enjoy our fun and educational app, providing a safe and unparalleled learning experience with unmatched multilingual and interactive...

Audible Testing

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The Audible Testing app makes use of Apple’s Text-to-Speech technology to allow you to create audio file tests from your vocabulary or spelling words. You can create custom spoken words, arrange them in lists and export the audio file for students to listen to. The vocabulary words and sentences can be in different languages, so it make a perfect study tool for learning languages or any time you...


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SkyORB 3D takes you on a tour of the solar system or the galaxy in this new version. Click "More" to learn why you should download this App today! *** APP ENHANCED FOR OSX MAVERICKS WITH NOTIFICATION CENTER, RETINA DISPLAY, IMPROVED ASTRONOMY ENGINE AND SUPPORT FOR OPENGL 4.0 and 3D STEREOSCOPY ***Softonic- ****"SkyORB's new look 3D interface is very slick and basic navigation of the solar system in...


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The Best Equation EditorYou don't need to install LaTeX install required! You can drag and drop any Equations to any other App, (e.g. iBooksAuthor, Pages, Word, Numbers)You can export to PDF, PNG.You can save equations for later use.You can color your equationsUse the Different Panels to compose your equations.If you want us to add more Panels just e-mail us.More Latex Symbols reference :

Percents. Smart Pirate: Math for Elementary School

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It is a fun and easy way to learn percents while playing together with bright spark pirates. Serve pizza and cakes round the hungry pirates’ crew, go with them on the swings and bring them through the abyss. Learn to equivalent forms, compare percents and percents problems. There are four games in one. Each game is represented by an island. On the first island we learn to convert beetween fractions...

Sick of Being Sick

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What else is a little girl to do, when she becomes sick of being sick? Let your child's imagination run wild in this beautifully illustrated story about a little girl with unlimited potential. Features: ------- - Original Never-Before-Seen Artwork - A Live Orchestra Musical Soundtrack - Includes Animated Illustrations - Explore an interactive Guide for Navigation - Read Alone OR Tap to Hear the Story...


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Move and zoom fractals in real-time! Explore Mandelbrot and Julia sets, select between multiple equations and enter your own values for Julia sets.

Math Sea Fight. Smart Pirate

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Now learning arithmetic can be fun once you use an exciting application “Math Sea Fight. Smart Pirate”. The app covers all arithmetic operations including addition and subtraction of prime numbers, addition and subtraction of numbers greater than ten, multiplication, division, and mathematical operations within 100. Playing this application kids will master basic mathematical skills in the shortest...