Website Monitor - Scott's Pinger

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*** FREE for a limited time. ***------------------------------------- From the developer of the Award Winning Conversion Calculator App, "Mila's Tools", comes "Scott's Pinger" - an elegant, no frills, easy-to-use on-demand web site status checker. - - - -- What does "Scott's Pinger" do?Scott's Pinger sends HTTP GET or HEAD requests to sites you specify and reports back the time it took to receive the...

Dump MySQL Slow Log Fast

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MySQL Dump Slow Log Fast is GUI interface for MySQL's slow query log. Once you have found a slow query, from either of these logs, the query can be ran through explain to get the details of the query.

Property List Converter

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Property List Converter converts property list and JSON files to either XML property list, binary property list, or JSON format. Property List Converter can convert multiple files in a single batch.

SQLite Browser

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SQLight Browser is a full featured database view and editor. It is light weight modern application for modifying, creating or anything with SQLite databases.Create beautiful tables with a few simple clicks. Alter existing tables to be just right. Including modifying column names, constraints or table constraints.Quickly browse and view your data. Add or import directly from a Dump file.Take full control...


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Quickly and easily resize images to half their size.Right click and choose "Resize by Half" to resize in place.Or choose "Resize To..." and create a new image scaled down by half.No more dragging to icons or menu bars. Just right click and boom, done.You can also add shortcut keys for even faster editing!*There may be other items in your services area. In the case of more than 4 they will be added...


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QBlocks allows you to design resolution independent graphics for your iOS or OSX projects. QBlocks help developers and graphics artists to achieve greats result with no effort. With his easy to use UI and its objects oriented tools gives an amazing workflow. The strength of QBlocks is in its architecture based on plugins blocks that delivers the versatility and potential for growth, over time the App...

Icon Resize

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Icon Resize is free for until 4/3/2014 to celebrate release of BezierCode!!cons is very important for a developer. This tools help developer to quickly resize icon to multiple size for iOS or Mac.Actually any developer can develop this simple app. But why waste time if others have done it for you?Features- Support iOS 7- Support all size of Mac App Icon and iOS App Icon.- Support resize to Toolbar,...

Balthisar Tidy

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For years the Unix tool HTML Tidy has been the de facto standard for cleaning, organizing, troubleshooting, and fixing HTML files from a wide variety of sources. Balthisar Tidy is the beautiful Macintosh OS X implementation of this this fine tool. With virtually all of the features of the command line tool and all of the text encodings that Mac OS X offers, as well as HTML5 support, Balthisar Tidy...

Appicon and Launchimage Maker

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A HUGE TIME SAVERDo you want to save time resizing your app icons AND your launch images?Have you ever spent an hour modifying your icons and launch images and then another hour when you wanted to tweak them?No more frustration. Now you can generate and replace all the app icons and launch images very quickly starting with any size image. This app can even attach them to your Xcode project AUTOMATICALLY....

AnyMP4 MKV Converter

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AnyMP4 MKV Converter can convert MKV to any popular video format like MP4, MOV, M4V, MPEG, AVI, FLV, WMV and more at ultrafast speed. After the conversion, users are enabled to enjoy the converted files on diverse multimedia players like iPhone 5s/5c/5/4s, iPad Air/mini 2/mini/4/3, iPod touch, iPod nano and other digital players. Key Features: 1. Convert MKV to MP4/MOV/M4V/MPEG/AVI/WMV… AnyMP4 MKV...

Lovely FTP

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LovelyFTP is a simple FTP client. It has a cute UI and simple settings, implements the FTP basic necessary functions. LovelyFTP has the following advantage functions:▪Simple Setting▪Passive Mode▪Authentication▪Proxy▪Upload▪Download▪Create Directory▪Delete File/Directory▪Reload▪Previous Directory


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Cooler is a delightful color utility for iOS and OS X Developers.Cooler allows you to enter a hex value, use a color well, or choose a color from anywhere on your screen. It'll generate a UIColor and an NSColor for you. All you have to do is paste it into your codebase and use it. Importing colors from Photoshop, the web, or any image on your desktop just became easy!


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Localizer is an utility that allow you to easily localize your application.Features:- at startup, parses the source code (.m files) to find all the NSLocalizedString(...) macro;- creates (if not present) or read the "Localizable.strings" files for each language supported;- merges the results if there are difference between the source code and the "Localizable.strings" files already stored;- loads all...


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The refreshingly simple color picker that instantly samples and encodes any color on your screen. Just one quick click to savor the flavor and you're set! See what’s on special with Sip below.Color coding goes down easy with Sip. Choose the color model you’re thirsty for, swig a pixel from anywhere on the screen, then hit paste to pour the color’s code into your code editor. Drink up! Less time...


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Build brilliant games at top speed. SpriteBuilder is a complete game studio for quickly building high quality native iOS games with Objective-C and Xcode.SpriteBuilder packages the best-in-class tools for iOS game development, Cocos2d and Chipmunk, with a professional grade visual editor so you can build 2d games faster than ever before. Finally you have to tools to write a cross-platform game using...