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Extract the static vector shapes in .swf to JavaScript Canvas code of HTML5. Designed for HTML5 Canvas programmers, so the basic understanding of HTML5 Canvas is required.Important Notes:Only static vector shapes are supported so far, which means:1. Any shape filled by bitmapped image is not supported yet.(You’ll get an empty image)2. Morphing shapes are not supported yet.Features:1. Generate the...

JSTalk Editor

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JSTalk is a scripting language built on top of JavaScript. You can use it to automate applications on your Mac, or even write custom plugins for apps which support JSTalk


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★ iConify 1.1 is submitted to AppStore with Status Bar trimming support added. Same workflow, just drag the screenshot and it's trimmed instantly. ★★ iConify will soon become a paid app once 1.1 is released. Download it now to continue enjoying these features. ★★ iConify is a quick and easy app to generate assets for your iOS app.★ Tired of exporting different sizes for different iOS devices?...

iDeveloper - Compatibility Manager

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iDeveloper - Compatibility Manager is a simple application which makes your life as an iOS developer or designer a bit easier. With this application you can check which iDevices will be compatible with your iOS Application. It also provides all specs for all iDevices.FEATURES● Enable/Disable features like Front Camera, Game Center, Microphone, iOS 3.13+ etc.● See specifications for all iPods, iPhones...


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X4-Shortcuts is a lightweight shortcut reference for mac and iOS developers using Xcode4. It's every time available in the menubar and acts like spotlight. Over 300 shortcuts are still available, many more features will come when the resonance is good. Give it a try!For further questions feel free to contact me at appz@online.de