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What's New:

• PHP Server support
• Associated tasks now stop when the document is closed
• Markdown support
• Preview pane WebView Inspector for easier debugging
• Configurable bundle folders
• Improved Bash programming mode
• The console now can be used as input (even raw input) to your scripts and programs
• Export the current project as a self-contained bundle with all dependencies
• Better handling of language selection
• Edit area cursor change fix
• Various bug-fixes and improvements
• Objective-C support
• Swift support
• Configurable code bundles
• Integrated documentation

Foobar is an easy to use “edit and run” coding environment with support for multiple programming languages and development technologies. With Foobar you can easily write tools and scripts, test your ideas and learn new techniques and algorithms all from the same place. Utilise the VT100 console or the preview area to see your experiments in action without the need to move to another window.


• Supports Apple Script (inc. JavaScript), Bash, PHP, PHP(Server), Perl, Python, Ruby, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, jQuery, WebGL, HTML, Markdown, Processing.js, Objective-C and Swift
• Full-featured code editor with themes, syntax highlighting and more
• VT100 console and web-based preview area to see your ideas in actions without leaving the current window
• Code templates - start coding right away with predefined, language-specific code templates
• Export the entire code template together with your modifications in a single bundle for easier sharing.
• Multi-file support - play with multiple projects at the same time
• Full customisation of all visual areas - make this tool your own


• Support for more languages and development environments
• Assistant editor
• Support for LESS, SASS and CSS
• Out of sandbox execution
• Increase and decrease the font size in editors and console
• Share to JSFiddle, Gist, Pastebin and more

Foobar is a great tools to learn new programming languages and development frameworks. It is suitable for novice and advanced users. Foobar is also a great tool to introduce kids to the art of programming.


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