Pizza Boy Delivery

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Who wants some steaming pepperoni straight from the oven? That's right, everyone! And delivering it while it is hot is your mission in Pizza Boy Delivery arcade!
Disappoint no one and get their pizzas as fat as you can. You will face lot of difficulties and obstacles as you make your way through the corridors of gorgeous mansion-like hotel, but that shouldn't be a problem for a delivery pro like yourself!

Your goal is to rush through the dangerous hotel maze to deliver pizzas to your clients and keep them full and happy. Follow the pizza slices, run, duck, jump and remember no one likes cold pizza! Watch your score and number of pizzas at the left side of the screen.

Pizza Boy Delivery FEATURES:
- luxurious hotel background;
- hilarious sound effects;
- various pizza delivering missions;
- bonuses to help on your mission
- a gameplay for anyone to love.

Enjoy playing Pizza Boy Delivery and get in-apps for the whole new level of pizza delivery. Two Margheritas, double cheese, please. Run!

Pizza Boy Delivery
Pizza Boy Delivery
Pizza Boy Delivery
Pizza Boy Delivery

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