STEM Islands. City of Light. Optics

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Instead of studying the phenomena of nature in a classroom, a Physics Teacher and two students – a bright girl and a curious boy – set out on an amazing journey to various wondrous STEM Islands.

On island “City of Light”, we will see why the plashes of sunlight appear on the walls. We will explore the components of the light beam and discover why the rainbow appears in the sky. We will learn why people can distinguish colors and how the objects cast shadows. At the end, we will play a game!

Would you like to know what makes a light ray or how a rainbow appears in the sky? Why can a person perceive colours and how do the objects cast shadows? A Physics Teacher will help you answer these and many other questions while travelling around the magic "City of Light". A bright girl student and a curious boy student will accompany you in this travel. It is always more fun to learn together.

There are 9 educational themes in the "STEM Islands. City of Light":
• Sources of Light
• Light and Shadow
• Light Refraction
• Mirrors
• Light Reflection
• Lens
• Optical Devices
• Eyes and Glasses
• Color

You will learn much new and interesting after visiting 9 colourful pavilions of the City of Light. The knowledge gained in the City will help you play the games offered at the end of a learning themes. We are dedicated to make learning fun and interesting. You will try your luck shooting a laser cannon, help Kate light up a library, build a correct reflection of the boy in a distorting mirror and participate in lots of other interesting activities. Why not compete with your friends and see who can win the games faster?

• Nine educational themes in one application.
• Fun and welcoming characters assisting in knowledge gaining.
• Use of colorful graphics, animation, video, 3D models for information presentation.
• Six fun and motivational educational games.
• Interactive help bookmark.
• Fun activities touch upon every scene to provide the learner's active engagement in the process.

STEM Islands. City of Light. Optics
STEM Islands. City of Light. Optics
STEM Islands. City of Light. Optics
STEM Islands. City of Light. Optics
STEM Islands. City of Light. Optics

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