Color Accent Studio Pro

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■ Optimized for Mac OSX
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Color Accent Studio Pro allows you add a touch of color to your photos for a dramatic effect.

≈ Easy and Simple ≈
◎ In the middle screen, click "load image"
◎ Paint over your black and white image to reveal the natural color underneath.
◎ Manually select custom colors to add your own color to your creation.
◎ Zoom in for finer editing.
◎ Adjust your brush size and opacity to reach corners and blend your image.
◎ Erase any unwanted color by painting black & white by using the grayscale tool.
◎ Redo or undo any editing. Color Accent Studio Pro keeps track of your every move.
◎ Save your image to finish. Share on Facebook or Twitter! You’re done!

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Color Accent Studio Pro
Color Accent Studio Pro
Color Accent Studio Pro
Color Accent Studio Pro

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