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What's New:

Modify the system requirements, improve a little performance, support 10.10

-------------------------Limited time free-------------------------
If you have some photos you do not want others to see, this program can help you manage your photos.
Safe and effective management of your privacy picture collection.

Import you privacy photos to the app,then you can delete
photos from you device. all photos imported to the app has been encrypted. the password needed if you want access .

You can create category to manager photos, and set up a separate password for each one . union category by drag drop, move privacy photos to other category .

If you are temporarily away from your computer but do not want others to see your photos,just click 'relock'. all images are locked, access requires a password.

Note: The program will actually imported and the encrypted image.even with finder and other programs will not find them.

Main Features:
Import photos and encrypt
Management you photos by category.
Set up password for each category(or empty)
Union category etc. (drag drop)
Move photos to other category .(drag drop)
Export photos from app
Re-lock the computer if you need to temporarily leave,just one click.
You can view photos directly within the program after entering the password
View multiple photos at once
Zoom photos use trackpad directly.
Drag & drop photos from safari to app

How to use:
1.Launch the app, set login password(will notified)
2.Right click(context menu) in left view,select "Add sub"
3.Input category name as you like.password is optional,then click ok
4.Select new category above.
5.Drag photos(folder) to the right view.wait a moment for upload.
6.Now click in the right view , you can select photos for export ,delete and zoom (use trackpad or slider on toolbar).
7.After select photo(s) ,You can press down trackpad(or mouse) and drag photo(s) to the left view to change category(may be need password for destination category).
this operate need hold down and wait a second then drag.
8.You can move category to another, just drag & drop(may be need password for destination category)
9.Temporarily leave the computer did not want other people to see photo please click ’Relock'
10.If you want change category name , select the category and press enter, input new name then press enter!

Note: Don't forget your login password
For bug report & feature suggest please email us at support@xtvsoft.com.thank you!

Secret Photo
Secret Photo
Secret Photo
Secret Photo
Secret Photo

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