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What's New:

Improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

See your latest total bank balance quickly and easily right on the menu bar of your desktop (currently only available for bank accounts in Germany).

TimeBalance is a MacOS app that helps you monitor your finance at any time. It's a light-weight indicator that plugs into your Mac's menu bar next to the clock, continuously displaying your balance and offering a glimpse of your recent transactions with just one click.

You can easily connect to multiple accounts. You just login once to see your balance, without continuously logging in again and again to a web UI.

Balance and transaction information is safely transferred via encrypted connections and stored locally on your Mac, giving you a quick overview of your account at the times. It updates every 10 minutes, or manually when you click it.

Time balance currently supports the following financial institutions in Europe:
- Postbank, German
- GLS, Germany
- Many other German banks, for the full list see: https://api.openbankproject.com/connectors-status/

To view a demo account, choose to connect to the Sandbox and use this login: jane.bloggs@example.com password: qwerty

What's in Version 0.3.3
- New setting to show/hide the account balance in the menu bar.
- Now you can see the balance of each account in the account overview table if you add multiple bank accounts.
- More clearly wrote in the description that the app only works for accounts in Germany for now.

What's in Version 0.3.2
- See latest balance and 6 latest transactions
- Toggle accounts on and off
- Translate multiple currencies into Euros, Pound Sterling or US Dollars.
- Tells you when you are not connected to a network.

TimeBalance is created by TESOBE / Open Bank Project


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