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##Thank you for using our MiluJSONView app. ##


MiluJSONView a JSON string format to check the tools, in web development, if a developer to use JSON as a data exchange format, then she will bring a very powerful auxiliary to developers, is necessary for web development artifact.
JSON as a data interchange format is increasingly used in web development, and replaced the XML on many occasions. With the same data information, JSON is smaller than the XML data transmission capacity, and operates in the front desk development more convenient. But the disadvantage of JSON string is inconvenient developers directly reading, brings the very big to the problem of data location is not convenient. A dime a dozen of various relative to the XML parsing check tool, JSON tools in this field is rare. MiluJSONView for parsing JSON string view, bring great convenience, tools are small, but powerful. For developers to provide essential auxiliary function, the necessary of web programmer!
MiluJSONView,formatted JSON characters and display in the form of a tree, support a variety of common operations, support for multiple tags!

##Features in current stable release##
1.support format JSON string data
2.support clear \n \ characters.
3.support JSON tree node find and text find
4.support JSON tree mode view
5.support JSON copy key, value, path, node content, key and value ...
6.support multiple tabs


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