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##Thank you for using our MiluRegExpTool app. ##


The regular expression is used to describe the rules of the tool. In other words, the rules of the regular expression is recorded text code.
For example, you can write a regular expression that is used to find all begin with 0, followed by two or three Numbers, followed by a hyphen "-",
finally was 7 or 8 digit string (like 010-12345678 or 0376-7654321).
Don't be frightened by the complex expressions, just follow me step by step, you will find the regular expression is not imagined so difficult, actually.

##Features in current stable release##
1.support search and replace
2.support open original text and save
3.support NG mode
4.support create new workspace to do
5.regular expression rules used in javascript, Java, C + +, C language, etc


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