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What's New:

* Added 4 layout styles: Mosaic, Irregular, Grid and Focus.
* Added 50+ background patterns.
* Round corners for photos.
* Other minor improvements.

UltraCollage makes it fun and novel to create photo collages with life photos.

It’s an app that enables you to quickly create, customize photo collages and share with friends. You are able to customize a collage quickly from UltraCollage’s four layout styles – Mosaic, Irregular, Grid and Focus, and its rich editing tools including customization of collage sizes, background, photo border and shadow, etc.

Key features
* Four layout styles and customizable spacing
- “Mosaic” layout for designing mosaic and asymmetric collages.
- “Irregular” layout for irregularly and geometrically organized collages.
- “Grid” layout will put photos in a regular grid in columns and rows.
- “Focus” layout sets a photo in the center and with other photos around it.
- “Spacing” is available for adjusting space/interval between each photo.

* Shuffle
“Shuffle” can reorganize all photos effortlessly with a simple click. It preserves the aspect ratio of each photo every time – no auto crop, and no heads cut off.

* Customizable size & orientation
- A dozen of preset sizes are available for quick choices, and you can also customize collage sizes you need.
- Orientation of “Landscape” and “Portrait” are available to meet your needs.

* Customize background
- Transparent background is provided.
- 50+ beautiful background patterns are available.
- Simply specify a solid color as background,
- “Axial Gradient” makes a background with gradient colors from one side to the other.
- “Radial Gradient” makes a background with gradient colors from the center to the periphery.
- Customize the background with your own image.

* Customize photo border
- Set border “Color” and “Width” at will.
- Border “Corner” can create lovely round corners for photos.

* Customize photo shadow
- Specify a shadow “Color” at will.
- Adjust the “Angle” of shadow freely.
- “Blur” is available for making shadow look more natural.
- “Offset” is provided to fine-tune the intensity of shadow.
- “Opacity” for creating more artistic effect.

* Crop photos
You are able to manually crop photos in any way you like.

* Save, share & print
- Save collage as image (JPEG, PNG, GIF, JPEG-2000, TIFF, Photoshop, PDF, Microsoft BMP, TGA, OpenEXR).
- Share collage directly to iPhoto.
- Share collage via E-Mail.
- Share collage on Facebook.
- Share collage on Flickr.
- Share collage to Twitter.
- Share collage on Sina Weibo.
- Share collage to Messages.
- Print collage directly.


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