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Softmatic PhotoTrip draws your latest trip or holiday on a map with locational data from your photos. Simply drag your images into the app, set colors, fonts and styles and export to PDF or PNG/JPEG. Softmatic PhotoTrip uses the GPS data embedded by almost all mobile camera phones to locate and place your images.

The plotted route can be annotated with distances, durations and altitude information. Thumbnails and other data can be showed as callouts next to the location. Distances and altitudes are displayed in metric (m, km) or imperial (ft., mi.) depending on your locale.

Softmatic PhotoTrip supports normal and retina resolutions and fullscreen mode. Works with photos taken with all common iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod), Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia, HTC) and Android phones (Note, Galaxy, Nexus etc.). Of course, you can also import photos taken with standard digital cameras and DSLRs.

If your images don't have locational GPS data, you can simply assign coordinates to a photo by right-clicking the location where the image was taken on a map. Similarly, the user can override locational data from a photo (which may be inaccurate). Softmatic PhotoTrip memorizes those user defined locations and recalls them when the same photo is used again. Softmatic PhotoTrip will not modify your original images.

Many more screenshots and info on our website!

Softmatic PhotoTrip

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