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Get rid of your generic ebooks!

iBookplate brings an ancient book tradition into the modern world. Before ebooks, or paperbacks, or hardbacks, or any type of mass-produced books, avid readers would purchase their books unbound and bind with their own, personal bindings. They would then attach a bookplate to identify the owner of the book. iBookplate updates this tradition for the Mac. iBookplate allows you to personalize the appearance and metadata of both ePub and PDF books in iBooks.

Many ebooks, including both free, public domain works and sometimes even purchased books, are distributed without cover images. The title and author may not be exactly correct or what you want to see in iBooks. The iBooks category is assigned by the iBookstore and cannot be changed. iBookplate fixes all of these problems.

Use iBookplate to change the cover images, titles, authors, and categories of your favourite ePub and PDF books. If your books are already in iBooks, just export them, change them, and put them back in.


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