Lurk for Reddit

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What's New:

- Folders. Move subreddits into folders to create custom frontpages for every topic you're interested in.
- Compact mode. Hide sidebar and browse by selecting folder in the top menu.
- Comments preloading. For any post, just hit ⌘+2 and see comments immediately.
- Custom comments styling. When browsing comments, you won't see the sidebar or any clutter, just the comments.
- Switching between top, new and hot posts.

And as a bonus:

- New design
- New icon

Free for just a couple of days!

- Add all of your favourite subreddits
- Create your own frontpage for every topic by organising subreddits into folders
- Instant comments loading with keyboard shortcut ⌘+2
- Compact mode for quick browsing your frontpages
- Keep track of posts you've already seen
- Open any post in your web browser
- Switch between hot, new or top posts

Disclaimer: Lurk doesn't display any NSFW content. Come on guys, let's show some class.

Lurk for Reddit
Lurk for Reddit
Lurk for Reddit

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