Mini China Air

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What's New:

* Add Traditional Chinese translation
* Add Japanese translation
* Add translation for "Beyond Index"
* Rename Chinese app name

Try the free web app at:


The major benefit of this paid application is that you will receive a notification on your notification center when the air becomes unhealthy.

Note: Only Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenyang are supported.


* Send local notifications when air quality reaches a pre-configured pollution level
* Use minimal screen estate


Data is measured and shared by the US embassies:

- Beijing: https://twitter.com/BeijingAir
- Chengdu: https://twitter.com/CGChengduAir
- Guangzhou: https://twitter.com/Guangzhou_Air
- Shanghai: https://twitter.com/CGShanghaiAir
- Shenyang: https://twitter.com/Shenyang_Air

Mini China Air
Mini China Air

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