Pragmatic! ToDo

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Stop wasting time managing your todo lists. Be pragmatic instead!

Pragmatic ToDo is a simple approach to your daily ToDo lists. Instead of wasting time creating projects, managing sub-projects and setting deadlines you just throw tasks into Pragmatic! and prioritize them by importance - not urgency.

This is similar to the Getting Things Done approach - only more pragmatic. We promise you won’t have to manage any inboxes and outboxes with Pragmatic!.

With Pragmatic! you sort your tasks as they change in importance.
And that’s it!

We made Pragmatic! to minimise time wasted on managing ToDo lists. Pragmatic helps us with managing our daily workflow and we deeply believe that it will help you too.

After using Pragmatic! for a few days you won't miss the bloated and complex ToDo applications you used before.

Pragmatic! ToDo
Pragmatic! ToDo
Pragmatic! ToDo

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