Icns Builder

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What's New:

support for iPhone 6 icon size
support for xcode asset output format

The easiest way to build a .icns file for your Mac App.
The easiest way to build all the icon sizes for your iOS or Android app.

Simply drag one or more images to the app and press save. Icns builder will automatically scale the images you provide to build a .icns file which is ready to submit to the store.

-Includes retina sizes
-Allows you to provide different artwork for different resolutions, or a single image from which others are scaled.
-Supports iPhone6 sizes
-For iOS, you can output images in a folder with a plist, or as an Xcode asset.

Icns Builder relies on iconutil which should be installed at /usr/bin/iconutil
If it isn't present, then installing XCode and clicking on 'Install command line tools' should install it for you.

Note for Developers

Icns builder is just a wrapper around iconutil. You can do the same job by manually scaling your icon to all the required sizes, then calling iconutil -c icns (your folder of icons)

It's a lot easier to let me scale the images for you though!

Icns Builder
Icns Builder

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