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What's New:

[NEW] Support for downloading secure websites
[NEW] Download individual web pages after updating them in your CMS to analyze your update in SEIntelligence
[NEW] Properly handles redirects when downloading web sites
[FIX] Loading websites would stop if a web page had no content

Top Search Engine Rankings, Step by Step

We know search engines like good content, we know they like other websites linking to ours, but what about the specifics? What kind of content should we have on our website, which websites do we need to link back to us and how do we find them?

SEIntelligence has the answer to all of these questions and more. By analyzing the currently ranking websites and comparing them to yours, SEIntelligence can tell you exactly what they are doing and what you need to change to match their strategy.

Since we don't know specifically what search engines like, we can learn by what they currently rank at the top of their results. SEIntelligence gathers the top ranking websites for any keyword and goes through every aspect of their site structure, content and link building strategy. It then outlines exactly what you need to change on your website to match their strategy, and in turn, their high rankings.


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