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What's New:

- Fixed a bug where key presses could be lost or repeated on Mac OS X 10.6
- Fixed a bug where Type2Phone could accept incoming connections from Bluetooth headphones
- Fixed a bug where Type2Phone could stop forwarding keyboard input

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Type2Phone lets you use your Mac as Bluetooth keyboard to your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.
Type on your full-sized keyboard. The text will appear on your iOS device.
Prepare text on your Mac and then paste it to your mobile device.

- Use your Mac as a keyboard to type SMS text messages at full speed
- Send tweets. Update your Facebook status. Chat. With the comfort of a full keyboard
- Reply to emails on accounts configured only on your iPhone
- Paste addresses, passwords, … from your Mac to your iPhone.
- Use AppleScript to automate text input to your iPhone
- …


- Mac with Bluetooth enabled
- iPhone (3GS or later), iPad (all models), iPod touch (3rd generation or later). iOS 3.2 or later
- Apple TV with software version 5.2 (January 2013) or later

Supported iOS keyboard layouts:

- U.S American
- Arabic
- Belgian
- Brazilian (NEW in 2.0)
- British
- Canadian
- Czech, Czech QWERTY (NEW in 2.0)
- Danish
- Dutch
- Dvorak
- French
- German
- Hebrew
- Hungarian
- Italian
- Japanese
- Norwegian
- Polish, Polish Pro
- Portuguese
- Serbian
- Slovenian
- Spanish
- Swedish
- Swiss-French
- Swiss-German
- Turkish, Turkish QWERTZ (NEW in 2.0)

Initial pairing instructions:

- On your Mac, go to System Preferences > Bluetooth
- Enable Bluetooth on your Mac and set it to be discoverable
- On your iPhone / iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth
- Enable Bluetooth on your iPhone / iPad
- Tap the name of the Mac to start the pairing procedure

For future uses, you may initiate the connection from the "Click here to connect" button in Type2Phone.
By default, Type2Phone reconnects to the last known device as soon as you start typing.

Additional Instructions for Apple TV:

- Initiate pairing from Apple TV (see: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5633)
- When asked for confirmation, click YES on your Mac
- Click the Select / Enter button on your Apple TV remote

Recent customer praises:

- 5 stars - "I have been working with 2 bluetooth keyboards […] Now I only need one. Well done!" - Big Voice, USA
- 4 stars - "One of the simplest, most useful apps ever!" - ShowWalker, USA
- 5 stars - "Works like a charm. This app has let me use my Mac and iPad seamlessly with a bluetooth keyboard" - cmfnyc, USA
- 5 stars - "FINALLY able to use BT Keyboard with AppleTV" - Grumpy430, USA
- 5 stars - "Sehr praktisch in Kombination mit iOS-Geräten" - Ancandis, GERMANY


Do you enjoy using Type2Phone?
Please take the time to write a review. Thank you!

If you have problems, please contact support for assistance.
We usually reply to forum posts and emails the same day.

- http://www.houdah.com/support


When attempting to pair, your iOS device may not list your Mac or indicate that it is incompatible.
The workaround is as follows:

- On iOS: Go to Settings > Bluetooth. Select your Mac. Select "Forget this Device"
- Restart your iPhone / iPad
- In Mac OS X System Preferences: Disable Bluetooth on the Mac. Reenable Bluetooth on the Mac
- Reenable Bluetooth on the Mac. Set Bluetooth to be discoverable
- Launch Type2Phone
- On iOS: Go to Settings > Bluetooth. Enable Bluetooth
- Tap the name of the Mac to start the pairing procedure

At worst, this convoluted procedure is needed only for initial pairing.
Future connections are initiated (automatically) from the Type2Phone application.


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