Greenland Glaciers for iMovie

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This app is an HD video library of Greenland's Glaciers, the amazing icons of the Arctic. Perfect for video projects! Contains - 86 high impact HD videos - a great editing resource for video projects needing Glacier or Climate Change visuals. Drag & Drop thumbnails from app directly into iMovie or Final Cut. Project ready, royalty free, so easy!

Tell the story of the Arctic, and Climate Change. Each clip has text descriptions to help with scripting. These almost impossible to get visuals make for fantastic video projects. There are numerous aerials and time lapse scenes! Great for school or professional projects.

Works in all Apple video editing programs! It doesn't get easier than this! It's an entire library of HD video! Scroll a table of thumbnails, and screen the videos in the app, an information panel describes each shot. Simply drag what you need into your project.

If you create video content for the classroom, podcast, blog, internet, tv, whatever.. this app will cure your "Glacier & Climate Change" video needs. If you use Apple video editing products, the use of this app is almost seamless! User license allows royalty free use.

Video is complied in the 720P AppleTV spec. 25 fps, and project ready. Every clip contains excellent & clean audio. Cinematic style: Mostly all - solid tripod use, with smooth moves.

Clips only work in editing programs with h.264 file support. Suggested: iMovie 09, iMovie 11, Final Cut Express 4.0.1, Final Cut Pro 6.06, 7, FCPX. For NLE's with no h.264 support, shots can easily be exported and converted with programs like Quicktime to your project sequence format. App contains 22 minutes of video, which can be converted to 29.97 fps in any of the listed Apple editing products if needed.

Once downloaded, there is no further connectivity required. 

License allows for royalty free use, but requires attribution to it's original author in your project's credits. All original author information is contained in the app. User license is the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Unported License. Users are solely responsible for all editorial content and use. No implied warranties.

®Final Cut is a Trademark of Apple Inc. ®iMovie is a Trademark of Apple Inc.

Greenland Glaciers for iMovie
Greenland Glaciers for iMovie
Greenland Glaciers for iMovie
Greenland Glaciers for iMovie
Greenland Glaciers for iMovie

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