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What's New:

Fix bluetooth connection reliability.

iKeyboardRemote is now Top 1 free downloads in Music category for more than 10 countries.

iKeyboardRemote can let you use your Mac to remotely control your iPad/iPhone.
You can now play your iPad/iPhone's music without picking it up.

If you would also like to use iKeyboard to do text input for iPad/iPhone, please download iKeyboard instead.

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSSXGkMeILo

Pairing steps:
1. Mac : Click "Pair" button and see the "Wait for connection" hine.
2. iPad/iPhone: Select "Settings->General->Bluetooth", you will find
an avaiable Bluetooth keyboard which name is your Mac's computer name.
3. iPad/iPhone: Select your Mac's computer name item to finish pairing.

- Click on media control buttons to remotely control your iPad/iPhone.
- You can also hit keyboard keys to remotely control.
- Use connect button to quick connect to paired device.

- iKeyboardRemote use F1~F12 for multimedia functions,
please disable the F1~F12 hotkeys for your Mac.

ESC: Home button
F4 : iPad slide show / iPhone song album cover
F6 : Lock button
F7 : Previous song
F8 : Play/Stop
F9 : Next song
F10: Mute
F11: Volume down
F12: Volume up

Trouble Shooting:
- Please make sure all your other bluetooth peripherals is connected before using iKeyboardRemote. In case iKeyboardRemote would close its connection. This problem would be fixed in the next release.
- You should press FN+F1 to send the real F1 key.
- Sometime iPad/iPhone will mess up with Bluetooth stack. If you found
problems with paring with iKeyboardRemote, please reboot your iDevices and try
- iDevices can not be paired with two Bluetooth keyboards at the same time.
If you have already connected your iDevices to a physical Bluetooth
keyboard. Please disconnect it before you use iKeyboardRemote.


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