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This application REQUIRES the Apple Inc. FaceTime Application!!!

Chatisfaction® is committed to a safe video chat environment!

So you have your brand new Mac with FaceTime and want to try out FaceTime but you do not know anyone else who has it?

Chatisfaction® allows you to chat with other people with like interests. Whether you are looking to try out FaceTime or want to chat with people in your local area, Chatisfaction® puts you in touch.

After signing in to Chatisfaction® you will see a list of everyone who wants to video chat with FaceTime. Simply select their status and your Mac will initiate a call to them. Press the FaceTime button and voila! You are using FaceTime via Chatisfaction®!

We have thousands of people with our iPhone app, now you can chat with them all!

Chatisfaction® is a registered trademark of Dirty Bird Interactive Inc.

Dirty Bird® is a registered trademark of Dirty Bird Interactive Inc.


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