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What's New:

- Fixes an issue with no tweet text on OS X 10.9 Mavericks Systems!
- Bugfix for image upload.

Nymphicus is free now and the source code will be available soon (Open Source)

**NOTE: Does NOT work with Snow Leopard. Sorry**

Nymphicus is the ultimate Twitter client for the poweruser with multiple accounts, searches and lists. Due to its unique way of displaying tweets using views you always have the perfect overview what's happening in the Twitterverse.

The concept of views is to collect tweets from different sources (both different accounts and different types like retweets, mentions or direct messages) and display them in a single list window so you see all tweets at once which are important to you.

Nymphicus supports all current API features like streaming interface, list management or saved searches.

We have some nice product videos showing all functions of Nymphicus on our homepage at http://www.li-ghun.de/Nymphicus/Videos for you.


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