Homework Stopwatch

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Making a difference from regular Stopwatch, I use "Homework Stopwatch" app as a timer to monitor my kids' homework period. This app is a professional stopwatch (same duration digit as a standard stopwatch) with cute and interactive graphic that basically introduces your child learning in a time pressure of real life. You can also choose different kind of funny animal faces and sounds from the App. We already test this app with many kids and it is sure that they love it. Believe me, kids will work faster naturally! Kids will also learn how to count from a second up to a minute correctly. Cute, colorful, and easy to use of its design and concept, it is also not too hard to adopt by little kids. You will be surprised that kids love to learn and love to work faster and wait for their turn naturally. We recommend that this app would practice and bring kids to the world of timing, regulations and time limitation.

This app combines with 5 different animals appropriated for Pre-school up to primary school age, and also has no problem for Secondary if they like. Kids can choose which animal they want to see. The simple and intuitive user interface is designed to be Kindergarten age friendly, which allows children to play without help from an adult.

Good for people age between 4-12 years old or other preferences.

Learning more skills:

✔ To learn how to count from a second up to a minute correctly

✔ To finish homework faster or within time

✔ To learn time limitation practice, good for time pressure under examination

✔ To understand queuing and ordering

✔ To practice patient skill 

This app is now available to you as a variety of applications for the iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac. 
Buy this app today not only to help us create more kids' education apps, but also supporting your kid's skills. We would love to hear your feedback; your support is most appreciated!

Design & concept by Mintmomeg. We also have Math Game for + - x and ÷ you can choose a lot of option for kid to practice.

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Homework Stopwatch
Homework Stopwatch
Homework Stopwatch
Homework Stopwatch
Homework Stopwatch

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