Small Army

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What's New:

New backgrounds

Better Graphic

Better Gameplay

Small Army

This is burning battlefield and nothing remains

Collect ammo and lifes to survive

Destroy all enemies using different weapons( Bazooka, Machine Gun, Mini gun, Flamer, Bombs, Auto -explosion)

Fight against many Opponents ( 3 kinds of Spiders ex. Spider with Rockets ,Armored Ants -with pistols and Heavy Guns, Ladybirds ,Hornets with miniguns etc.

10 Magnificent backgrounds

Finish mission objectives on every level ex:

Level 1 collect 40 purple balls
Level 6 release Bee Terminator
Level 8 wake up ghost of bee
Level 10 detonate Nuclear Bomb

You will get constant action and fun

-Nice music and effects
-hand drawn style


Small Army
Small Army
Small Army
Small Army
Small Army

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