Rocket Party

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What's New:

This new update features:

• A new, nicer icon.
• Various bugfixes
• Considerable performance updates. The game runs faster.

Employ all your reflexes and a significant amount of sheer panic to pilot a falling rocket through vertical mazes filled with obstacles, cliff walls, switches, gates, and more, and crash your way through to the goal! Looking for a challenge? Then look no further!

Rocket Party is a game of spirit, nerve, split-second charm and awesome smoothness, velocity - but not impatience - and most of all: the awesome skill to weasel your way out of wherever you don't want to be, and break through to the next stage. A game of stress, lightning reflexes and repeated crashing. You probably won't make it - at least, not at first...

Can you achieve the Zen of Rocketry? The pinnacle of nanosecond pilotage? One more try!


• Addictive, reflex-based arcade gameplay
• Challenging Star Times to beat on every stage
• 10 training levels, 30 main levels, and 30 harder mirrored levels
• Colourful and detailed graphics
• High-quality sounds and original soundtrack

Game developed by HiVE | www.wearehive.com
Mac port by Vetra Games

Rocket Party
Rocket Party
Rocket Party

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