Joe Versus

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Joe Versus is a unique 3D action puzzler!

Joe and his crew have been taken hostage by a highly intelligent alien. The alien challenges the crew to a game of wits to save the galaxy from total destruction! Navigate your character though a fast paced onslaught of rotating tetrahedrons. Solve each oncoming puzzle quickly before you are smashed or before too many tetrahedrons pass you by!

Quick reflexes and a quick mind are a must!

Free for a limited time! Also available on any iOS platform, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store!

High Definition 3D graphics with hand drawn detailed textures.
High Energy Soundtrack.
Built-in game Tutorial available in the Option Menu if you need it.

The default controls are:

Arrow Keys -- Player movement.
z -- Mark and Arm a single tile.
x -- Arm multiple tiles.
c -- Toggle tetra rotation speed.


wasd -- Player movement.
/ -- Mark and Arm a single tile.
. -- Arm multiple tiles.
, -- Toggle tetra rotation speed.

p -- pause

The controls can be mapped to a handheld game controller also!

To exit full screen use "command+q"

Joe Versus
Joe Versus
Joe Versus
Joe Versus
Joe Versus

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