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To help promote SkyNote we're making it free for a very short time!

SkyNote lets you access notes taken on your iPhone or iPad from your Mac!

Important Note: SkyNote requires a Gmail account to use. You can get a free Gmail account by going to www.gmail.com. You do not need to use your Gmail account for email to use it with SkyNote.

How it works:

The built-in "Notes" application on iOS devices have an option to sync to an IMAP enabled email account (such as Gmail).

SkyNote lets you view and edit these notes on your desktop computer. You can also create new notes that will be accessible from your iPhone or iPad.

Additionally, SkyNote may be used to share notes between two Mac desktops.

To use SkyNote:

1. Enable IMAP support for your Gmail account. This is located in GMail's web interface under the Settings page. Look for the "Forward and POP/IMAP" section.

2. Use the Settings app on your iOS device to configure it with your Gmail account.

3. Again, on your iOS device - make sure "Notes" is turned on for your Gmail account in Settings.

4. Configure SkyNote with your GMail account settings.

Using SkyNote with IMAP mail accounts besides Gmail may not work, and is not supported.

Your iOS device must be running iOS 4.0 or later to have its notes accessed by SkyNote. (iPhone 3G and earlier not supported)

Support Email: support@nothinglabs.com


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