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Do you want to learn how to use iMovie to make your own home videos or even fancy productions, but are just getting started and not sure what to do? If so Movie School is the app for you.

In easy to follow video and book lessons you'll learn the basics of creating new videos using iMovie and you'll be on your way to producing your own movies in no time.

Here is some of the material covered:

- Overview of iMovie, what's where and what the buttons mean
- Explanation of Projects and Events
- How to import existing video into iMovie
- How to import video from an external camera
- Creating a DVD using a video made from iMovie together with iDVD
- Exporting video clips to movies
- Adding music and sound effects to your video clips
- Creating professional looking movie trailers
- Making slide shows from still photographs
- Adding fancy effects like transitions in between clips
- Sharing on you tube, in email and on Facebook
- Adding narration to clips with voiceovers
- Adding multiple audio tracks to the same video clip
- Precision editing and clip trimming
- Using slow motion and instant replay in your movies
- How to add special effects or adjust image appearance
- Tracking video clips by keyword
- Combining multiple video clips into a single movie
- Combining still images and video into a single movie
- Adding text to your videos
- How to favorite and reject clips
- Using the Ken Burns effect

And more! Perfect for beginners and well suited to Windows users new to the Mac.
Gives no-nonsense how-to simple instructions.


This app includes more than 100 minutes of video broken up into 10 video tutorials, plus 200 pages of printed material in booklet lessons.

- Easy to Navigate
- Jump to individual lessons
- Jump to Videos
- Print PDF lessons-handy when you're using iMovie yourself
- Once downloaded no internet connection needed

Movie School
Movie School
Movie School
Movie School
Movie School

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