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What's New:

Lion Compatible.
Fixed Disappearing Window Bug.
GUI Tweaks
Removed New App Alert at launch.

***** The "TimePlus" version is now available. Also, the iPad version is now available. It's called: "Clock Tacular" Search for "LCARS Clock Tacular" in iTunes.*****

The Time app has a Digital Clock, an Alarm Clock, Stopwatch and Countdown Timer. It displays the current time and date using futuristic graphics in one of 27 color themes, in Full-Screen Mode or Titlebarless Windowed Mode.

Looking at the screenshots below, you can see that the most recent 7 Stopwatch elapsed time intervals are displayed at the bottom right of the window, along with a bar graph showing the relative percentages of each in relation to the longest time interval. The longest time readout is also highlighted in the current Stopwatch color.

Live Long and Prosper. \\//


• 27 Color Themes
• 15 Alarm Sound FX
• Clock
• Date (Day Name, Weekday, Month, Year)
• 12 Hour or 24 Hour Time
• The Seconds Readout can be toggled On/Off
• Mute Sound FX
• Brightness Dimmer (5 Levels)
• Alarm Clock
• Stopwatch
• Countdown Timer with Alarm
• System Version Readout
• Full-Screen Mode
• Titlebarless Windowed Mode
• Millennium St*rDate

"TIME PLUS" is the enhanced version of the Time.app. It features an improved GUI, with 2 Alarm Clocks, 2 Countdown Timers, 4 World Clocks, 1 Stopwatch, and several very cool data visualization animations. It also has a NanoClock that's 480x360 that you can stick in a corner for quick reference when you are doing other work. There is also a GigaClock for distance viewing. When you are using the app as a quasi-screensaver, the Stellar Cartography animation cycles through all eight of the major planets in the Sol System with images and data. Click the DATA button to see it. It's the third animation in the sequence. Click the animation view twice to see it immediately.

If you enjoyed the Time.app, you will love the Time Plus version.

Many thanks for all of the excellent ratings and reviews.


If you have any questions, send them to

Use the same email address if you have suggestions for new features, general feedback, or if you discover a bug in the app.

Feedback is both welcome and encouraged. It helps me make the app as awesome as possible.


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