Learn to make Mobile apps

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Learn to make iPhone apps quickly with this concise app that teaches you all the essentials about iPhone programming step by step.

Written for people who are beginners. Brings you up to speed with introductory videos on getting your first app running.

Learn to make iPhone app zooms in on the most essential concepts with EXAMPLES!

Attempt interactive quizzes to strengthen your concepts in Objective C.

Soon, you can utilize your skills and make your own iPhone apps!

We cover the following topics:
Getting Started
Understanding Outlets & Actions (I) - SimpleAlert app
Understanding Outlets & Actions (II) - SimpleCalculator app
Using the SegmentedControl & ImageView
Animating Images using Sliders
Using the WebView
Using the TabBar Controller
Using the Navigation and TableView Controller
Detecting Touches and Taps
Detecting Swipes
Accessing the AddressBook
Accessing the Camera and Camera Roll
Using the Accelerometer - Detecting Tilts and Movements
Building Location Based apps
Deploying your apps to a device
Submitting your apps to appstore

Learn to make Mobile apps
Learn to make Mobile apps
Learn to make Mobile apps

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