Category: Limited Time /Music View In Mac App Store
What's New:

1. fix bug the the menu with wrong name
2. add more menus for duration displaying

SuperTunes integrate itself into menu bar, it displays the playing track info in menu bar, including name, artist, and playing position in menu bar.

After SuperTunes run, the iTunes can be pause, skipped, rated, increase volume, decrease volume and so on from the preset keyboard shortcuts or menu bar, you do not need to open iTunes user interface; Most of common iTunes controls can be carried from shortcut; you can customer all shortcuts in preference window; of course; all option are available through status bar menu.

SuperTunes provide you a lyrics window for you enjoying better music.

Automatic shutdown is a good idea when you enjoy music at night. With SuperTunes, you can set in specific time to shutdown, logout and restart, cancel such action.


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