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What's New:

* Preferences window now front-most window :]
* nicer symbol for "all servers online"
* now shows a short text if all servers are online in the menu (thanks John!)
* app icon "iphoneified"

This tiny "menulet" (as it lives in your menubar) lets you easily see if your World of Warcraft(tm) server is online and available. It is very relaxing for those maintenance days, when you just like to know when you are able to hop back in to your favorite game.

You can track multiple servers, if you like. A check mark indicates, that all your servers are online, an X that at least one is not. To see which one is down, just tap the X to see a list.

It works with US, and EU (English, French, German, Spanish and Russian) realms.

This program is neither provided nor endorsed by Activision Blizzard or Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. For support please see the links below.

World of Warcraft, and Battle.net are trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. or Activision Blizzard.


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