Learn C# Programming for Beginners

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Learn C# Programming in the quickest time possible with this concise app that teaches you all the essentials about C# programming.

Written for people who have NO background in programming or are beginners.

Attempt interactive quizzes for greater understanding!

Learn C# Programming zooms in on the most essential concepts with EXAMPLES!

Soon, you can utilize your java skills in web programming, console programming, and of course Windows Phone 7 apps programming!

We cover the following topics:
What is a Computer Program?
A First C# Application
Components of a C# Application
Input and Output
Type Casting
Selection - If Else & Switch
Scope of Variables
String Comparison
Loops - While, For, Do-While
Arrays - Traversal
Methods Calling
Modularizing a program using Methods
Objects - Constructor
Objects - Sending Messages

Learn C# Programming for Beginners
Learn C# Programming for Beginners

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