Talaqa Chinese-English Dictionary

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✦✦✦ 100.000 entries ✦✦✦

✦✦✦ 23.000 example sentences ✦✦✦

✦✦✦ 1180 pinyin recordings ✦✦✦
✦✦✦ No Internet connection needed ✦✦✦


Talaqa Chinese-English dictionary is a sophisticated and easy-to-use dictionary for learners of Mandarin Chinese. Being easy-to-use makes it a very useful companion for both beginners and advanced students. You can look up words using Chinese characters (simplified or traditional) through Mac OS sophisticated Chinese input methods. You can also use pinyin (toneless or with tone numbers) or English.


Other features of the dictionary :

★ Every word is decomposed into its characters for a better learning.
★ Related words section to expand your vocabulary.
★ Search as you type.
★ Switch between simplified and traditional characters at any time.
★ And more…

Talaqa Chinese-English Dictionary
Talaqa Chinese-English Dictionary
Talaqa Chinese-English Dictionary

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