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What's New:

- History - use track pad gestures or 'left-right' arrows to navigate through recently viewed quotes
- Cmd+C support for quotes. You can copy and paste a quote to an email, messenger or Facebook status.
- Tweet your Relaxation achievements - after finishing relaxation you will see a 'Tweet this!' button
- Overall Stability Improvements and known bug fixing.

If there's a lack of inspiration in your life, you need advice or just want somebody to cheer you up - 'Forismatic' is an app for you!

Here we collect the most inspiring expressions of mankind.

There are no catalogues or alphabetic lists. We don’t believe in a random choice. Only you can guide your destiny. Just listen to yourself and one of the most inspiring expressions of mankind will be the sign for you.

* 'Inspire Me' - click and get a wise expression.
* 'Relaxation Mode' - recommended for workaholics. If you need a pause to think over - go to Relaxation Mode. Lean back, relax and read inspiring expressions..

Also try Forismatic App for iPhone.
More details about Forismatic project on Forismatic.com.

Quotes' database isn't perfect now, so if you found any typo - please go to Forismatic.com click 'Feedback' and suggest proper spelling or maybe any quote you think worth adding to database.

Special thanks to Studio Soda for helping designing this App. Please visit TrySoda.com


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