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What's New:

✓ Stability enhancements
✓ Updated UI: The same functionality you love, now with a slightly new look.
✓ Added new languages: Spanish, German, French, Italian

Thanks to all of our users for supporting FlashBox! Please continue to send us your comments / leave us feedback on the app store. We read all of it!

✭ Most Downloaded App in Education (March '11)
Free for limited time

FlashBox is the simple, proven way to study on your Mac using virtual flash cards. Make, study, and share. All with one app.

✓ Built for Speed: A soft and simple user interface keeps you focused on the task at hand, while keyboard shortcuts allow you to swiftly create/edit/view collections of notecards. Use the + and - keys to add/remove cards, and use 'space' to hide/show the definition - making studying a breeze.

✓ Quick Sharing: Need to transfer your FlashBox collection to another computer? Share with another student? FlashBox makes it easy. Quickly send your entire collection in one file.

✓ Clutter Free Workflow: FlashBox does the organizing for you, so you can sift through your notecards quickly. FlashBox even loads your most recent collection when you launch it.

FlashBox is developed for students, by students. Please rate your FlashBox experience here on the app store, or send us a message! We read all of it!

(Please note that FlashBox does not contain any pre-installed collections of notecards)


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