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SMS is free for the next hour! Get unlimited Texting, for free! Act fast!

The best, and easiest tool to send texts from your computer!

With Google Voice integration, and regular texting, you have to ways of texting your friends. If you have Google Voice, you can simply type in your username, and password, and you can send unlimited texts through your Google Voice number.

☞ Main Features ☜

☑ Send texts from your Google Voice account.
☑ Send texts without a Google Voice account.
☑ Unlimited texting -- no extra costs.
☑ Get responses straight to your email or Google Voice account.
☑ Send texts straight from your Mac.

Unlike most other Texting applications out there, with 'SMS', you get FREE and UNLIMITED texting. Also, you don't have to know the recipients cell carrier, like other apps in the App Store. With both Texting, and Google Voice integration, you can't go wrong with this app!

If you don't have a Google Voice account, or don't want to use it, you can send through our Texting Server. With 'SMS' you can simply fill out the number of the person you are trying to send to, the message, and press send! No need to know the person's carrier or any other information.

For less than the price of a Sandwich, you can send unlimited texts to your friends, straight from your computer. You could save over 50 dollars a month on your cell phone bill by using this app!

If you like this app, and want to send free texts from your iPhone, check out 'FreeText', by the same developer!


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