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What's New:

* added more appearance option.
* bug fix "total free space" menu action.
* small adjustments.

For a limited time only, SpaceControl is available for free!
What is SpaceControl? What does it do?
SpaceControl is designed to be simple.
A text will appear in your menu bar showing the amount of free space on your startup disk. Click on the menu item and submenus will appear, showing information about all disks or volumes mounted on your desktop.
If you want SpaceControl to start every time you log on to your Mac you can choose that option in the Preference window. You can also make some choices about how you want the menu item to appear.

What will SpaceControl do if I run out of free space on my startup disk?
SpaceControl will warn you when the free space available on your startup disk goes below the chosen limit.You could choose to get your warning through E-mail. You can change the limit at which you get a warning, in the Preference windows. When you break that limit, SpaceControl will warn you by changing the color of its text in the menu and also display a message box to warn you.

SpaceControl also support warnings on other Volumes than the start up disk.


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